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Workshop_RIETVELD 2017


on the Workshop Rietveld Nabeul Tunisia 2017

Advanced Methods in Rietveld Refinement


The event was hosted by the Institut Préparatoire aux Etudes d’Ingénieur de Nabeul (IPEIN) in the University of Carthage (27th-29th March 2017).

In addition to support from the IUCr, the IPEIN contributed partially to human and material resources for running the workshop. The opening ceremony was hosted by the presence of Abdessattar Barhoumi, head of the IPEIN, Habib Boughzala from the Laboratory of Materials and Crystallochemistry (LMC) organizer of this workshop and by a registered welcome speech of Michele Zema Director of the outreach and educational program of the IUCr and Martin Fark shareholder of STOE Company sponsoring the event. Four lectures on fundamentals of crystallography, symmetry, powder diffraction and advanced methods in Rietveld refinements were given by Pr. H. Boughzala. Dr. Tarek Ben Rhaiem and Mr Khalil Bouzazi from the LMC presented respectively talks related to the use of the CIF tools and the new identification methods using structural and powder diffraction crystallographic databases. In the third day of the workshop and by a skype web conference, Dr Dubravka Sisak Jung from DECTRIS Switzerland participates with a 40 mins talk about the Influence of data collection strategy on a success of structure determination. 

The twenty nine participants from Algeria, Tunisia and Côte d'Ivoire (79% female) were from several profiles (chemists, geologists and physicists). They expressed a positive feedback and appreciated particularly the five tutorial sessions about the X-ray pattern discovering, evaluation and phase identification, the raw diffraction indexing, cell refinement and pattern matching, the quantitative phase analysis (QPA) and the carbonate substitution proportioning in the apatite material.


                                                                                            Pr. H. Boughzala

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